Jeff Duryea

Jeff Duryea began working as a bench jeweler at his uncle's jewelry store in Royal Oak Michigan.  He continued his education at Wayne State University by taking metalsmithing classes including a class with Philip Fike. Jeff continued in the jewelry business as a master model maker for an industry manufacturer while pursuing an MBA at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.  He took a brief pause from his artistic pursuits to pursue a career in computer software consulting and business analytics. Recently, Jeff has rediscovered his passion for metalworking and jewelry at the Craft Guild of Dallas and has been showing at local craft shows and on-line.


Jeff loves combining distinct metals to form interesting organic patterns. He allows the metal and the imbued pattern to inspire the shape and context of the piece he is building. Bringing form and function to a raw, diverse palate of metals is Jeff’s primary objective while building jewelry and art objects.

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