Rebecca Moore

Rebecca grew up on a farm in Illinois, the daughter and granddaughter of avid gardeners. Some of her favorite childhood memories involve her mother and grandmothers sharing their secret places to find wild raspberries, bluebells, and arrowheads. Finding artifacts of Native Americans in newly plowed fields sparked a lifelong interest in ancient cultures. Although life led her to a career as a scientist/engineer, she never lost her appreciation of the colors and textures of nature. After retirement, she discovered classes on lamp working and fusing glass at The Craft Guild of Dallas. The properties of glass fascinated the scientist in her, the fact that glass has been manufactured for thousands of years fascinated the cultural anthropologist in her, and the colors and textures of glass appealed to her artistic side. Even after ten years of lampworking classes and workshops, she is still learning about glass.


The patience and attention to detail she has learned as a scientist/engineer not only helps her as a glass artist, but also helps her create the very detailed bead embroidery jewelry with the color and texture she loves. She is always excited to incorporate Roman glass, Victorian buttons, or vintage brass door fittings into her jewelry designs. Like a lot of artists, she has a variety of interests, but color, texture, and detailed work seem to be the common threads in all her efforts.